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Posted by Whitney Hendrix on Jun 26th 2021

How to Make a small room or an apartment look and feel larger

Do you have a room that you just don't know what to do with it because its oddly shaped or simply small? Or you have a studio or an apartment that is limited in square footage? Then roll up your sleeves and jump right in on how you can make the most out of that space. 

Create depth and contrast by painting or wallpapering the walls a light color such as bright whites, light grays or cool blues. Maybe you prefer to be a bit bolder you can go dark with deep greens, browns or even blacks but whatever you choose, stay away from medium tones and shades of color. The illusion of a larger space depends heavenly on how light reflects off your walls. 

Speaking of lights. Do not rely on the standard overhead light on the ceiling. Use floor lamps, table lamps and replacing that ceiling lamp to an over-sized chandelier or ceiling fan that equally distributes light over this space. If your room has windows, use them! The best light is natural light. Light is like magic which will expand to each corners of the room that will give the illusion of depth. 

Since this room or space is small, you must accessorize with large accent pieces, curtains and rugs. Large artwork; shelving units/book case, vases and or mirrors. Most definitely mirrors are a necessity as they make a room feel like the room keeps going. Avoid gallery wall decor and replace with a singular large artwork or mirror. Use large furniture with exposed legs as they are great in making a space feel larger and more open. When hanging curtains follow the same color concept as the wall colors as previously discussed and most importantly do NOT hang curtain under any circumstances starting right above the window frame. Hang those curtains starting from the ceiling or as close as you can get it to the ceiling all the way to the floor. Our eyes are forced to look upwards which expands the reach and depth of the room which enhances the space. Rugs are great to define spaces especially for studios and it also allows you to be creative with pops of color or bring in those medium-tone colors that we've been avoiding. Rug tip- a rug should touch every piece of furniture in a room to ensure its sized for that room and every piece of furniture is intentionally intended to play a role in that space by pulling it altogether. 

Storage! Yes, storage plays a roll in making this 'smaller than life' room and space grander. As mentioned, previously, use book cases and units but don't stop there. Get coffee tables, end tables or night stands with drawers so you can safe-keep your smaller knick knacks and avoid the appearance of clutter. Get creative by getting benches or poofs that double for added seating and storage. If you can double or even triple the use and function of a single item, you're winning in these small spaces streets!

Have you mastered expanding a smaller room? If so, drop down in the comment section and add your tips and comments. We love to hear from you.