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Smart Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser w/ Bluetooth Connectivity

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Diffuser Humidifier has a 500ml capacity water tank which can humidify dry air for 8 to 13 hours with high to low mist. This will improve  air quality  and home aroma.  This diffuser will improve smell of pets or smoking, dryness of skin and protect your family from excessive dry air, microorganisms, allergens and dust.

Diffuser offers natural sounds, white noise and music in addition to the diffuser providing technology to switch 7 LED lighting color to enhance atmosphere or simply as a night light with the dimmer capabilities.

The smart technology disperses a comfortable stream of room-temperature cool mist and will automatically shut off once water runs out. Compatible with all bluetooth-enabled devices, This diffuser can connect to your electronic device via bluetooth.

It is made of environmental friendly bpa free plastic without harmful chemicals and substances. Try our fragrance oils too to enhance the aroma of your home, add essential oils for therapuetic purposes or simply water to the diffuser. 

What's in the box: 7-light Water Tank, Remote Control, USB, Measuring Cup, Instructions.

Water Tank Capacity: 500ml

Size: 4.2" H, 6.7" W

No Warranty