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As a small business, Luxe Mirrors toughest challenge is being the 'new kid on the block' and getting our brand out there. We are blessed and appreciative for every follow, like, purchase and sharing of our site. So to make are mark in the home décor industry we are looking to form relationships with influencers, bloggers, interior designers, real estate agents & people who simply love decorating!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Affiliate Program! Who doesn't enjoy making money while doing what they love?!

Standard Requirements when Applying:

- Please have an active and regular presence on your social media platform (min.: weekly posting)
- Please make sure your account is not set on private (we will review your platform thoroughly)
- We are looking for real estate agents, interior designers, bloggers, content creators and lifestyle experts.
- Please keep in mind we only ship within U.S. and Canada; therefore, non-US and Canada applicants may have to prove the larger portion of their audience are within U.S. and Canada.
- Integrity! Its key in any good business/person. Please ensure your brand and conduct/behavior is alignment with ours. We strive to build a brand that's founded on respect, moral principles and inclusivity.
-Incomplete Applications will be automatically denied.
- You must fill at least one field for the website or social media platform, the more the better so we can analyze your overall online presence and contribution.
At least one of these must be met:
*A minimum of 10,000 followers is required on at least 1 platform or
* If less than 10,000 followers, averaging 10,000 views/likes on a post/video in the last 30 days.
[Example: Influencer with 6,000 followers/subscribers but in the last 30 days posted one video per week and each video averaged over 10,000 views with a considerable amount of likes and comments. This influencer will be acceptable to the Luxe Affiliate Program.
- Please allow up to 3 to 5 Business Days for approval/denial emails. Please keep an eye out for for our emails (check spam).
- You can cancel your affiliate partnership with us at anytime.

How to earn money?

This is a commission based system where an affiliate can earn up to 15%. Commission is tiered based ranging as low as 10% up to 15%.

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