Our Locations

Luxe Mirrors is striving to be a leading top online retailer. We currently have a virtual outlet serving the U.S. and Canada where customers can directly purchase over 600 items online seamlessly.

Does Luxe Mirrors have a Storefront location?

No, we have an online store only at the moment, but our warehouse is located in Southern Maryland, USA.

I want to apply to work at Luxe Mirrors - where are the Luxe Mirrors offices located?
We currently do not have any brick & mortars ; however visit our careers page to learn more about any remote positions open in the future!

Are there any location shipping restrictions for Luxe Mirrors?
We currently ship to all 50 states, U.S. territories and Canada though some restrictions may apply. Your cart will automatically update with shipping information, but you can read our shipping policy here. We are test piloting shipping to the Caribbean, Mexico and United Kingdom. Please email us at customerservice@shopluxegallerie.com to inquire further.

Can I have my furniture assembled for me since I can't get it preassembled in-store?
We currently have not partnered with any companies for assembly and installation services. The products we offered do not require much assistance, if any, for assembly.

Does Luxe Mirrors offer hassle-free returns?
Yes! If you don't love it or if there's an issue, send it back. Read more about our return policy.