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  • Safari Ginger Jar

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    Safari Ginger Jar

    19"H x 9.5"W (large), 14.25"H x 7"W (small) Material: Ceramic & Enamel Ginger Jar Zebra Vintage Decorati…

    $263.61 - $362.17
  • Mirrored Silver Ginger Jar

    Direct Ship

    Mirrored Silver Ginger Jar

    These silver/mirrored ginger jars are star studded  and are perfect for any table. Material: Ceramic Siz…

    $113.53 - $143.77
  • Traveling Gold Wall Art


    Traveling Gold Wall Art

    Traveling Gold is the perfect piece for any fashionista or lover of fine apparel and jewelry. This piece featu…

  • Angel Wall Art


    Angel Wall Art

    This beautifully created artwork, Angel by Loui Joveris  breathtaking. This gold-colored frame is the per…

    $246.39 - $783.99
  • Tulip Wall Art


    Tulip Wall Art

    This beautifully created artwork, Tulip by Adekunle Adeleke is  breathtaking. This champagne-colored…

    $246.39 - $492.79
  • Resin Abstract Coral Sculpture

    Direct Ship

    Resin Abstract Coral Sculpture

    This creative hollow resin tabletop decor is the perfect accent piece that will have everybody talking. Measu…

  • Crystal Agate Crane Sculpture

    Direct Ship

    Crystal Agate Crane Sculpture

    These elegant postured Crane sculptures class up any table.  Color: Gold, Translucent Material: Resin, M…

    $126.97 - $328.57
  • Titian Ginger Jar

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    Titian Ginger Jar

    This beautiful orange ginger jars are  perfect with or without floral arrangements in your home or commer…

    $395.77 - $429.37
  • Blue Violet Ginger Jar

    Direct Ship

    Blue Violet Ginger Jar

    Did someone say eye-catching? This beautiful ginger jar eill certainly do the job on any table.  Materia…

    $283.77 - $339.77
  • Viridescent Ginger Jar

    Direct Ship

    Viridescent Ginger Jar

    Style: Modern Material: Ceramic & Porcelain Measurement: 9.5"H x 7"W (large), 8.25"H x 5.5"W

    $143.77 - $160.57
  • Golden Mizzle Ginger Jar

    Direct Ship

    Golden Mizzle Ginger Jar

    Ceramic Ginger Jar Golden Stripes is perfect for any table with or without floral arrangements. Measurement: …

    $227.77 - $306.17
  • Golden Jigsaw Ginger Jars

    Direct Ship

    Golden Jigsaw Ginger Jars

    Handmade Ginger Jar with Golden Grid designed eloquently as a jigsaw waiting to accentuate your home or office…

    $272.57 - $440.57
  • Monochrome Vases, Set of 2

    Direct Ship

    Monochrome Vases, Set of 2

    This black and white vase set are perfect with any decor style. Creative Black and White Ceramic Vase Irr…

  • Luxury Ivory Vase

    Direct Ship

    Luxury Ivory Vase

    Elegant vases are perfect for any home, business office or wedding reception.  Material: Ceramic Style: …

    $194.17 - $233.37
  • Golden Exposure Ginger Jar

    Direct Ship

    Golden Exposure Ginger Jar

    This is gorgeous ginger jar is perfect with or without floral arrangements ready to be star-studded piece in a…

    $328.57 - $395.77